Bill Der Beaver or just simply Bill is the handyman of Zoobilee Zoo, who loves to invent and fix stuff. He is normally played by Sandey Grinn. However, in "Land of Rhymes" and "Grown-up For A Day", he was played by Michael Sheehan. This was because these were the first two episodes filmed and Sheehan was the original actor. When Sheehan decided to leave the show for other interests (such as Jem), he was replaced by his recomendation, Sandey Grinn. There are notable differences between Sheehan and Grinn's wardrobe, other than their faces. Their outfits are the same, but Sheehan's gloves are yellow whereas Grinn's gloves are tan (and in the 1997 series, brown), Sheehan wears tan shoes, while Grinn wears gray shoes, and Grinn's Bill has yellow goggles hanging off his neck and sometimes wears glasses whereas Sheehan's doesn't. While Grinn is seen in the white screen moments of the intro and in BIll's verse in his episodes, Sheehan is seen for the rest of the intro in the bits set on the show set, as well as in Bill's verse in the episodes with him,, as well as last part of the "Tunnel of Surprise" song. Since Sandey's version of Bill's verse was shot at a different time and was the only part of the song re-shot, when Mayor Ben hands the part over to him in Grinn's episodes, you can see Sheehan's hand before it changes to Grinn.