Whazzat Kangaroo is a character from Zoobilee Zoo. The second main female in the group, next to Talkatoo Cockatoo. Whazzat Kangaroo is a nine year old pink kangaroo who loves to sing, dance and play music. Whazzat is best known for her infectious giggle and also for asking her signature phrase, "Whazzat?" whenever she doesn't understand what something is (or "Whozzat?" whenever she doesn't know who's talking or who someone is). She is played by Stevie Vallance (credited as "Louise Vallance") in the original series and Stacy Scotte in the 1997 series, due to Vallance being occupied with Madeline. Though she can play many musical instruments rather well, her favorites are her flute and her keyboard.

She wears creamish white vintage pajamas with frills and an "eighth note" pattern.